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Increase social engagement! #1 Social Sharing Bar



Increase social engagement! JoomShareBar features


Boost the number of visitors on your website by implementing this plugin !



For Joomla! 2.5 & 3.0!



Article & Category View

Specify buttons in both views

individually: ultimate flexibility


Very easy to customize 

Individual look for Article and

categoryview: you decide it all.



Continuous improvement

Based on your feedback we 

will make it even better for you




The buttons will load after your

website has been fully loaded



Different color schemes

Multiple container and buttons 

design to fit your website



Buttons always visible

The buttons follow the user if

scrolling down or up the page




Interested? What are you waiting for!




JoomShareBar - Ultimate Social Sharing for Joomla! and K2

Your purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee





Eenvoudig uw artikelen beheren met VirtueMart! Voorraad, reviews, social media share, en nog veel meer mogelijkheden!

Responsive design

Uw website optimaal te zien op pc, tablet en mobiele telefoons.


Also want a nice social bar on your website like this one ?
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