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Create a Perfect Post on Social Platforms [Infographic]


It takes a lot of trial and error to understand what really makes your fans tick and what resonates within the community. That clever photo of something you think is absolutely hilarious could actually lose you a few fans and no matter how interesting a fact is, it’s never interesting enough to warrant a three paragraph explanation on one Facebook post…


Then there’s the sheer amount of social platforms you can choose from. If you want to ‘do social’ it’s a good idea to have at least a presence on as many as you can, but each platform works in different ways. A picture that will work as a tweet probably won’t be the perfect Pinterest post.

As sought-after it may be, there’s no magic formula for social media engagement, but we’ve attempted to make it slightly easier for you. We’ve collated a lot of the information out there, cut through all the jargon and here is a basic guide to what we think makes the ‘perfect post’:



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